Carly Angel
Top 7 Guys We Wish Were Straight

Reviewing products and services quickly became a passion of mine. I love that I have the ability to help others out by voicing my honest and altruistic opinion. I am able to keep my personal views in mind, while also keeping other people’s wants and needs in mind as well! This is what makes me a great product reviewer.

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Top 7 Guys We Wish Were Straight

Expert Opinion

Matt Bomer

4.0Reader Score
Matt Bomer is not only a beautiful man with a great jawline, his name is also extremely close to what he does to us. Not to mention, his dancing in Magic Mike.
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Ricky Martin

3.2Reader Score
Ricky Martin is and will forever be our male Latino singer crush. And yes Ricky, we do wish we could bang.

Gus Kenworthy

3.1Reader Score
Gus Kenworthy is an Olympic skier, who won our love when he stayed after winning silver at the Olympics to save a family of stray dogs. As we all know, bitches love puppies.

Matthew Bengston

3.1Reader Score
Matthew is not only a beautiful man but he also is a successful business owner as well. Matthew owns a hair studio in downtown Orlando and Winter Park, called Trend Studios.

Anthony Cortes

3.4Reader Score
Anthony is the perfect example of tall, dark, and extremely handsome.

Cheyenne Jackson

3.5Reader Score
Cheyenne Jackson was dubbed by the NY Post as Broadway's sexiest man. Enough said.

Lance Bass

3.5Reader Score
Lance grabbed our attention years ago when the boy band Nsync was our ultimate crush.