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POS System Software

I’m the kind of person who always has something to say and being able to speak my mind. This is why I absolutely love being an Advisor! From being able to test brand new products on the market to being able to write about and share my opinions, it’s definitely the easiest and most fun job I’ve ever had.

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POS System Software

Expert Opinion


3.8Reader Score
Square is an affordable point-of-sale and payment processing option for small and micro businesses, especially those just starting out that do not want to make a big investment in hardware.
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3.3Reader Score
Shopify POS is a suitable choice if you need to manage a large volume of diverse inventory items since all versions support unlimited items and it supports variations.

iPayment POS

3.7Reader Score
If you are looking for low rates for your retail store, iPayment is a POS service to put on your short list of options. It provides the lowest rates without a long-term contract

PayPal Here

4.1Reader Score
PayPal Here's predictable pricing make it an attractive option for small businesses, services or startups. However, it is not ideal for those who require advanced point-of-sale tools


3.1Reader Score
If your retail store sells products with established barcodes, Bindo POS can greatly decrease the time you spend entering and managing inventory


4.3Reader Score
The Clover Station POS system is a well-conceived, out-of-the-box solution suitable for retail and restaurant businesses. Since it may be available through your bank, you may be able to negotiate a competitive swipe rate.


2.8Reader Score
This point-of-sale company offers solutions suitable to salons and restaurants for those who require a competent POS system with minimal startup costs.


3.3Reader Score
If you are looking for a no-fuss, all-in-one POS system, uAccept might work for you.


3.9Reader Score
If you find the Gotmerchant payment processing contract agreeable, you can quickly receive a new POS system for a negligible startup cost.


3.0Reader Score
If you find the credit card processing contract agreeable, Harbortouch can help you get up and running for a nominal startup cost.