Amber Green
Identity Theft Software

I enjoy being able to give my wholehearted honest input and opinion for products and services. I’ve always had a passion for researching and learning new things in all sorts of different categories and fields. I love being able to help and save the consumer time by narrowing down their search.

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Identity Theft Software

Expert Opinion

Lifelock Ultimate Plus

3.6Reader Score
LifeLock Ultimate Plus offers exceptional protection of your identity with the capability of monitoring your personal information and sending you alerts with any threats.
Featured Company!

IdentityForce UltraSecure + Credit Review

3.8Reader Score
IdentityForce's decades of experience working with citizens and government and commercial agencies enables it to provide excellent service, which it backs up with $1 million ID theft insurance

Identity Guard Total Protection

3.8Reader Score
Identity Guard effectively watches to make sure no one steals your personal information. It also provides you with software that can keep data on your computer secure.

TrustedID Family Plan

4.0Reader Score
TrustedID covers the most common areas of identity theft and is worth considering if you have extended family living with you.

Identity Fraud

3.6Reader Score
Identity Fraud's comprehensive monitoring of criminal and financial records protects your good name, financially and otherwise.

ID Watchdog Platinum

3.6Reader Score
This is a good service that protects more than your financial information. Its ability to help you resolve ID theft issues even if you aren't a member is a plus.

Privacy Guard

2.6Reader Score
With regular monitoring of your financial and personal information, PrivacyGuard is a good service if you have concerns about inaccuracies in your credit reports.

Intelius Identity Protect

2.9Reader Score
Although this service may not have as many features as some of the others we reviewed, it will still do an adequate job of monitoring your credit report and public records.

Equifax ID Patrol

4.0Reader Score
Equifax ID Patrol doesn't cover all sources of possible identity theft, but its expertise in the financial world make it a good choice for those concerned with credit card identity theft.