Amber Green
Debt Consolidation

I enjoy being able to give my wholehearted honest input and opinion for products and services. I’ve always had a passion for researching and learning new things in all sorts of different categories and fields. I love being able to help and save the consumer time by narrowing down their search.

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Debt Consolidation

Expert Opinion

National Debt Relief

3.5Reader Score
With average reductions of total debt at 30 percent, National Debt Relief is one of the best choices for your debt consolidation program.
Featured Company!

New Era Debt Solutions

3.0Reader Score
New Era has low fees for reducing debt and some of the highest average reductions on the lineup, making it a solid decision for debt relief.

Accredited Debt Relief

2.5Reader Score
Accredited Debt Relief offers service in the highest number of states and provides the most comprehensive service plan by offering multiple types of debt relief services. This makes it a good option if you need financial help beyond debt consolidation.

Freedom Debt Relief

2.9Reader Score
Freedom Debt Relief has a solid reputation within the debt relief industry, making it a trustworthy choice for your debt consolidation program.

Pacific Debt Inc.

3.2Reader Score
This company has low fees but also lower average reductions after fees, which makes Pacific Debt Inc. less appealing than other companies on the lineup.


3.3Reader Score
With less than average savings, you can find a service that saves you money. However, this company offers good resources for helping you stay out of debt.


3.8Reader Score
CuraDebt is a respectable consolidation company that does not try to mislead consumers. It has a solid reputation, making it a good choice for debt consolidation.

Premier Debt Help

3.5Reader Score
Premier Debt Help saves you an average amount of overall, but it has high success rates in the negotiation process, which makes it a good choice.

Superior Debt Relief Services

3.9Reader Score
Superior Debt Relief offers higher than average reductions to its consumers, but it charges above average fees. Overall savings with this company are still high, making it a good choice.

Oak View Law Group

3.1Reader Score
Oak View Law Group offers similar services as other debt relief companies; however, it charges a $50 monthly consultation fee, which can add up over the years that the debt consolidation process takes.