Amber Green
Data Recovery Software

I enjoy being able to give my wholehearted honest input and opinion for products and services. I’ve always had a passion for researching and learning new things in all sorts of different categories and fields. I love being able to help and save the consumer time by narrowing down their search.

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Data Recovery Software

Expert Opinion

Data Rescue PC3

2.7Reader Score
Data Rescue PC3 is Prosoft Engineering’s comprehensive, professional-level recovery software you can use yourself. It works well to recover data and offers extended support though its data recovery lab.
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Ontrack EasyRecovery

2.9Reader Score
EasyRecovery Professional proved especially adept at recovering Microsoft Office files from our tests.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery Professional

2.5Reader Score
Stellar took longer than average to recover our test devices.

Seagate File Recovery

2.7Reader Score
There are no network or RAID recovery options.


3.3Reader Score
R-Studio has long-term strategy tools for consumers who are possess some level of expertise in the data recovery process. Having the right user means better results than with a manual recovery.

Data Recovery Wizard

3.1Reader Score
This disk recovery software lacks a hex editor.

Recover My Files Professional

1.7Reader Score
This software only recovered 7 percent of the lost files when we tested it on a microSD card.


2.6Reader Score
GetDataBack was unable to recover any of the lost files on the microSD card; likewise, it recovered nothing from the reformatted microSD card in our testing.

Power Data Recovery

2.3Reader Score
This recovery software performed poorly in our testing at recovering damaged files from a microSD card.

Salvage Data Recovery

2.1Reader Score
This data recovery software failed to recover any files from our reformatted test devices and was unable to recover any level of damage from our microSD card.