Hannah Hoehne
Ride Sharing Companies

I love reviewing and comparing products and services. I feel like my opinions can help other people and make their lives a little easier. I have always enjoyed trying new things and expressing my opinion and now I have a great platform to share my experiences.

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Ride Sharing Companies

Expert Opinion


3.6Reader Score
Great job to work as a second job. Very flexible with your schedule because it's a on and off app according to when you want to work and not work. It's a good job to make enough to cover gasoline and expenses.
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4.0Reader Score
You make your own schedule at Lyft. You drive when you wanted to. The balance between work and time off is great. Earnings are dependent on effort, location and car.


4.0Reader Score
Carma Technology Corporation is a real-time transportation technology company. Its flagship product, Carma Carpooling, matches users with nearby commuters and enables them to share the cost of driving.


3.0Reader Score
Turo is is a peer-to-peer carsharing marketplace. Car owners can rent out their vehicles to people and set their own prices. The company notifies you if someone wants your car, but the owner has complete control.


4.0Reader Score
Getaround is a social car sharing, but with hourly and daily rates. Insurance is included in the cost. You search for cars nearby with the app, enter your license and credit card, and book it with your phone.


3.0Reader Score
Ridesharing service that you can use when someone near you is headed in the same direction. Drivers set the price themselves and you pay with the app. Drivers are pre-screened, the rides are GPS-tracked, and covered by insurance. All the vehicles were made in 2000 or later.


3.3Reader Score
Car sharing service through Avis Budget Group, offers members a fleet of vehicles with over 60 different makes and models, including: hybrids, SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury vehicles, minivans, and cargo vans.


3.0Reader Score
Rent vehicles in your neighborhood when you're going to work or wherever you're traveling. It's an hourly rental service for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. To access a vehicle you can use the mobile app with the "On Demand" feature or "Express" version.


3.7Reader Score
Zimride uses social networking to connect drivers going to the same destinations. Make a Zimride profile and check out others' music interests and hobbies before you sign up for or offer a ride. Ride payouts are made through PayPal.


4.0Reader Score
Fleet of eco-friendly smart cars that are accessed with a card at your convenience. Cars are located in your home city, in a designated parking space, and returned to the same location. Use the care as long or as little as you need.